Wife in the World

Hello all!

I realize that I should start off by writing about myself. After all, it would be rude not to introduce myself, wouldn’t it?

My name is Alison, and I am the twenty-something wife of my husband-let’s call him The Renaissance Man for public purposes. I daydream about living on the American Frontier in the mid 1800′s, cooking my meals over an open fire, living in a log cabin The Renaissance Man built for me, and snuggling up under a hand-made quilt at night, listening to the howl of coyotes; but since time travel has yet to be invented, TRM and I are stuck in the East Texas suburbs, forced to talk to people (sometimes strangers) on a nearly-daily basis.

My hobbies, passions, and pursuits tend to follow this pervasive dream. In my writing, you will read about my successes (and failures) in cooking, gardening, sewing, and-soon to come-home canning. I do work (I am a nanny), and much of my writing will focus around reconciling the wish to be a good, hardworking housewife with the reality of needing to work. While many women (especially my age) love their working life, or wish they could get back into a career after kids, I am desperate to spend my days caring for hearth and home.

So join me! I will try to convert you to cast iron cookware, making more home cooked meals, and canning your in-season produce. I won’t try to convince you to clean your house more, though; nobody likes cleaning.

the wife