A Little Tease

So, I make a dessert that The Renaissance Man loves. I am not kidding; he adores this dessert, and he doesn’t use the word “adore”. Unfortunately for you, I have made it twice in the last few weeks, and on neither occasion did I think to take process pictures. I blame it on global warming. Everything is because of global warming, right?

This is probably the easiest, most decadent dessert you can make in under an hour. Chocolate lovers, fall to your knees for (drumroll) Chocolate Pudding Cake:

And if that doesn’t make your mouth water…

And before you get all high-and-mighty about my choice of toppings, this is the only dessert that tastes better with Cool Whip. Ice cream and whipped cream just don’t cut it, for some reason.

Next time I make pudding cake, I promise I’ll show you how to make it.  Until then, feel free to lick your computer screens.

The Wife

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