Christmas Gifts: The Culmination

I finished my Christmas canning, which meant it was time to think about gift presentation.

I have always been a fan of gift baskets for giving gifts to people you’re not terribly close with. These gift baskets are for the families I sit for, with the addition of wrapped presents for the kids.

blog 140Included in my gift basket is a jar of brandied apple butter, a jar of honey-lemon marmalade, and a large jar with cranberry bran muffin mix in it (recipe to come). Plus a card, and books for the kiddos.

The labels came from My Own Labels. They have quite the array of labels for all kids of things, and a whole section of labels specifically sized for canning jars.

blog 138I got baskets from Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale, and lined them with festive tissue paper. The hardest part of the whole thing was the canning!

I bet you wish you were on my gift list, now, don’t you?

What are you gifting this year? Is it homemade, or store bought? Do you think it’ll be “re-gifted”?

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