Fitness Friday: A Little Levity

I’m sure you all remember just how much I love my Pro Compression socks.

Like, seriously, love them.

Now I love them even more, because they have these:

pro compression St. pat's

No joke. These are the coolest socks I have ever seen, and I ordered a pair first thing this morning.

If you want to rock the shamrock with me, Pro Compression has a cupon code to save 40% + free shipping on these bad boys. Just enter SOM3 in the coupon section at checkout!

I will be wearing these at my 10k next weekend, and I promise I will get pictures of me in these socks.

The Wife

PS I know I promised to review some of my new toys. And I will, as soon as I take pictures of said toys. But how could I not share these socks with you? I mean…look at them.

PPS My Fitbit One came last weekend and I’m almost finished comparing the new with the old. So far, the new one is WAY better.

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