Fall is Here!

Fall has officially arrived, even if it’s not reflected in the weather. Yet.

Even though it’s still pretty darned hot, my weekly menus start to shift to more comfort food about this time of year. I also switch the bed sheets to flannel and sweat it out until the cool weather rolls in, but I don’t suggest you do the same.

My menus and fall-back meals tend to change pretty frequently, based on new recipes I’ve tried, or whether or not I’ve looked up the calorie content for a meal (depressing, nine times out of ten).

So here’s what’s cooking on a regular basis this Fall here on the mini-farm:

Kale Stroganoff

IMG_9724I don’t know how many times I have made this pasta since the first time I posted it. I can tell you, that it has been a lot. At least once a month, probably more. And it makes the perfect fall comfort food with the earthy mushrooms and smoked paprika.

Spicy Pork Sandwich

finished sandwich 1I make this sandwich any time we have leftover pork. And sometimes I cook some pork chops and leave them in the fridge for a few days so I can pretend we have leftover pork, so I can make this sandwich. It’s an easy weeknight meal, and so spicy it’ll warm you up, even on the coldest night.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

blog 006Once the pumpkins show up at the grocery store, all bets are off. I use homemade pumpkin puree for these babies, and have some in the oven every few weeks, all Fall long.


toppedThis really should say “Mexican Food” instead of just nachos. It is so easy to make a delicious meal when you make Mexican food. Tacos (soft and crunchy), fajitas, nachos, enchiladas, all these things are made regularly at our house.

Apple Pie “Moonshine”

apple pie in jars 3This recipe went crazy on Pinterest last year, and for good reason. Apple Pie Moonshine is the best Fall adult beverage around. It also is easy to make and would be a great gift. We keep some on hand all Fall.


So what is in your menu rotation this Fall? Do you change things up every year, or do you keep things the same?

The Wife

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One thought on “Fall is Here!

  1. Definitely some of our favorites. Dad wants a sample of the apple pie moonshine, but I’m pretty sure he’ll have to make some for himself.

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