Pressure Canning: Whole, Raw-Packed Green Beans

The Renaissance Man loves green beans. Mostly he loves canned green beans. Most of all he loves the green beans his granny cans in the summer.

Well, I am not granny (who is an absolute treasure of a woman. She is fiesty and sweet, and definitely a woman to learn from), but I sure can put some green beans in a jar and pressure can them for my man.

I did several things different from granny’s time-tested recipe: I canned the beans whole, I raw-packed them, and I pressure canned them. Just because they used the boiling water method years ago doesn’t mean I’m going to risk giving my beloved husband botulism. And low-acid foods like green beans must be pressure canned. No exceptions.

I bought some green beans (about 3 Lb.s I estimate) from the farmer’s market (these beans came from Waller, TX), washed, and trimmed them.

I prepped my jars, lids, and screw bands, as well as got the pressure canner ready. I used pint jars (because TRM is the only one who eats them) but quart jars can be used as well.

I packed the raw beans into the jars, leaving 1″ headspace. I sprinkled about 1/2 tsp. of salt into each jar.

I poured boiling water over the beans up to the 1″ headspace. I placed my lids, tightened my screw bands to fingertip tight, and placed the jars into the pressure canner.

After venting the canner for 10 minutes, I processed the beans for 20 minutes (25 for quart jars).

I ended up with seven pints of green beans.

Ball vs. Kerr

I don’t know who out there cans, but I am new to the process. I have used 1/2 pint and pint Kerr jars until I bought some pint Ball jars to compare. I didn’t expect a difference, since they are both made by the same company. Imagine my surprise when I noticed a big difference! Ball jars have measurements marked on the side (Kerr does not) and the Ball lids and screw bands are much sturdier and less prone to denting. Has anyone else noticed this difference? What jars do you prefer to use?

The Wife

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2 thoughts on “Pressure Canning: Whole, Raw-Packed Green Beans

  1. Good job! Those beans look great. My kids seem to prefer canned green beans- I’m going to be putting up some more this weekend. As to jars- for my use the measurements aren’t helpful (I wouldn’t rely on them when it needs to be exact). I do prefer the Ball lids (Or Tattler), but when I need jars I usually head to either Walmart (no-name brand with smooth sides; makes it easier to label) or one of the so-called Dollar stores (they don’t really charge $1) like Dollar Family or Dollar General. It’s not worth an extra trip, but if you’re in the neighborhood anyway they sell “Golden Harvest”. Neither of these is “better” than Ball or Kerr, but they are much less expensive. I usually pay just under $6 for a dozen pints at WM. I also do prefer the smooth sides. Those stores also have the best price around for lids.

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