Top Ten Things That Make my Life Easier

I have a busy life. Full-time work combined with a house full of animals, a husband, and a lot of hobbies makes for a packed schedule. There are many items that make my life easier in many different aspects, but these are my favorite ten. The Renaissance Man is not on this list, since he is not a thing, but he does make my life easier.

10: My Washer and Dryer: I used to live in an apartment. The laundromat was a car ride away, and cost money, so I took my laundry to my parents’ to wash it (they may have been enabling me). I cannot possibly convey to you the difference between lugging a packed laundry bag to an off-site location and carrying a single load of laundry 50 feet. Having a washer and dryer in my house makes me happy, and probably a little lazy.

9: My Second Bathroom: I understand this is a weird entry, but it’s true. When TRM and I first got married, we lived in a teeny tiny house with one teeny¬† tiny bathroom. When we moved to the great state of Texas we got a bigger house with two, count ‘em, two bathrooms. We never fought over bathroom space, but now we don’t have to.

8: Baskets (of various shapes and sizes): I have recently discovered that baskets are a great, stylish way of storing a variety of things. Need somewhere to put your magazines? Basket. Gotta have a container for potatoes that allows air to circulate? Basket. Need somewhere to hide all that random nonsense that accumulates on various surfaces? Basket. You get my point…

7: Mason Jars: What can’t you put in a mason jar? Yogurt, cotton balls, jam, you name it, you can store it in a mason jar. Plus, cotton balls look really cute on the counter in a Mason jar.

6: Pressure Canner: This one really only applies to canners, but it certainly makes canning way easier. It doubles as a water bath canner and a pressure canner. I’ll never have to buy canned goods again.

5: Crock Pot: It doesn’t get any easier than: open the pot. Throw the ingredients in. Close the pot. Push the button. Ta Da! Dinner’s ready! If my crock pot didn’t do my work for me, I’d have run away from home by now.

4: Vacuum Sealer: No more freezer burned foods! Fruits, veggies, and meat all stay fresh for months at the push of a button.

3: Cast Iron Dutch Oven: my dutch oven specifically is the most versatile piece of kitchen equipment I use. From soup, to brisket, to popcorn, I can’t remember what I did before it came into my life. Probably wondered how I was going to make kettle popcorn without it.

¬†2: Kitchenaid Mixer: If you have one, you know. If you don’t, you probably want one. And if you haven’t given it much thought, you’re crazy.

1: My Bed: While my bed doesn’t actually perform a task, it is my favorite place to be, it’s really comfortable, and it makes even the worst week bearable.

Note: I did not include the obvious things like my car, cell phone, or TV. I won’t insult your intelligence.

What things make your life easier?

The Wife

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11 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That Make my Life Easier

  1. Great list! We actually just got our KitchenAid mixer for a wedding present and I can’t believe we didn’t have one before!! The thing on your list that we don’t have that we desperately want is the vacuum sealer — very high up there on the list of stuff to get!

  2. I love my stick blender. It doesn’t hold a candle to my pressure canner, but since that’s already listed… also my refrigerator. I’ve always had one, but the one we bought 3 years ago has freezer on bottom and barn doors on top. I can easily fit in those wide trays now.

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